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Can only be used on one device. Devices it works with: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and on and on. If it connects to the Internet then you can probably get Line for it. How it handles photos: Yup.

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Group messaging: Man, this is complicated. You can create groups for messages, but you can also join groups, which subscribes you to them like a cross between Facebook and Twitter. Twitter can be used as a messaging service if you really want to. Direct messages can only be sent to folks who are following you, which is a kind of equivalent to folks accepting your invitations on other messaging networks. How it handles photos: Share pictures via Twitter from almost any app that provides photo sharing, and snap photos for sharing from within most apps. Group messaging: Twitter is pretty much one big group message, and you can opt in and out of who you listen to.

By design, all your tweets are public, making the question of encryption moot.

You can opt to make your tweets private, but that kind of defeats the point. And DMs? Slack is the chatroom we use at Cult of Mac, and it is pretty great. Not only can we communicate far better than with email, and generally chat from all corners of the world, I can also taunt Killian by photoshopping him into ever more bizarre tableaux. How you sign up: Web-based. One person becomes the owner and invites everybody else to your new, closed messaging group.

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How it handles text: You can use italics, bold text and insert code blocks using Markdown syntax, and you can paste chunks of text as separate, collapsible snippets instead of plain messages. Group messaging: This is the main game. Group messaging involves pictures, auto-parsed links and videos showing you previews , previews of tweets and more. You also get to tailor your notifications.

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Currently, private chats are not accessible by admin users. Ultra-customizable notifications and Google Drive integration. Star messages to mark them as favorites, and delete and edit your messages. First is that you should probably join the network most of your friends are on. The problem with this approach is that you have to remember which app to use to start a conversation with somebody. The workaround is to use Launch Center Pro and create a bunch of messaging actions. Thus, you could have a screenful of buttons, one for each of your frequently contacted, uh, contacts, and each button would launch their service of choice.

It needs a little work to set up, but once done, you can not only forget about who uses what, but you also get a handy messaging launcher. My recommendations? The other neat trick of iMessage is that you can chat with regular SMS users from the same app. If you have a choice i.

Sadly, you will most probably be stuck with … WhatsApp. Like I said — it really comes down to what your friends are using. She likes sending and receiving photos, and she likes having it all in one place. Cult of Mac. Get a bunch of super-cool apps to trick out your Mac for free [Deals]. Today in Apple history: iPad mini arrives. Cloud chat key are kept in different jurisdiction. Privacy focused. Multiplatform native client apps.

Open source client apps. Self-destruct messages. Pinned Messages.


Top 8 Crossplatform Messaging Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.

Unlimited storage. Cloud chat keys are kept in different jurisdiction. Supergroups of up to , people. Channels for one way broadcasting.

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Free and convenient large file sharing. Save time with inline bots and link previews. Free of cost. Media messaging. Supergroups of up to people. Customer support is within the app. Hide See All. Recommend Technically an ad but we made this. Very reliable recommendations on what to buy.

Plugs right into Amazon to save you money.

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Interested in promoting your product? Contact us. My Rec ommendation for Franz. My Recommendation for Franz. Add Video or Image. All 5. Major messaging apps in 1 app. Manual login for every service and on every device.

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PoliteBarastyr's Experience. Download TextNow - Free Text 1. Free Download for Mac. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! TextNow - Free Text A free program for mac. Download and installation help.