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Crusader Kings. Paradox Development Studio. Crusader Kings : Deus Vult. Crusader kings Complete. Crusader Kings II. Crusader Kings II : Charlemagne. Crusader Kings II : Conclave. Crusader Kings III. Paradox Developement Studios. Day of Defeat : Source. New World Interactive. Dead In Vinland. Playdius, Plug In Digital. Introversion Software. Desert Stormfront.

Divided We Fall. Anuman Interactive. Egypt : Old Kingdom. Clarus Victoria. Egypte Av. Empire : Total War. The Creative Assembly. Europa Universalis. Europa Universalis : Rome. Europa Universalis : Rome - Gold Edition. Europa Universalis : Vae Victis.

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Europa Universalis II. Europa Universalis III. Europa Universalis IV.

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Europa Universalis IV : Dharma. Evil Bank Manager. Hamsters Gaming. Expeditions : Conquistador. Logic Artists.

Field Commander Rommel. Dan Verssen Games. Finch Digital Mobile. Field of Glory. Field of Glory : Battle Pack. Field of Glory : Eternal Empire. Field of Glory : Immortal Fire. Field of Glory : Legions Triumphant. Field of Glory : Rise of Rome. Field of Glory : Storm of Arrows. Field of Glory : Swords and Scimitars.

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Grand Ages : Medieval. Gaming Minds. Hearts of Iron. Hearts of Iron Anthology. Hearts of Iron II. Hearts of Iron II : Doomsday. Hearts of Iron III. Hellcats Over the Pacific. Graphic Simulations. Parsoft Interactive. How to shoot a criminal. Imperator : Rome. Frog City. Imperialism : The Dark Continent. James Clavell's Shogun. The Secret Games Company. Kingdoms and Castles. Lion Shield, LLC. Knightfall : Rivals.

Knights and Merchants : The Shattered Kingdom. Joymania Development.

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L'inquisiteur - Livre 1 : La Peste. Last Day of Rome. Les Piliers de la Terre. Les Sims Medieval. Lords of the Realm II. Louvre : L'Ultime Malediction.

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Mad Dog McCree. American Laser Games. Mafia II : Director's Cut. Marie-Antoinette et les Disciples de Loki. EA Los Angeles.

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TKO Software. Military History Commander : Europe at War.

Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge. Monument Builders : Colosseum. Monument Builders : Notre-Dame de Paris. Monument Builders : Titanic. Monument Builders : Tour Eiffel. TaleWorlds Entertainment. Nobunaga's Ambition. GMX Media. Funatics Development.

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  • Coffee Powered Machine. Omerta : City of Gangsters. Haemimont Multimedia. On The Western Front. Order of Battle : Blitzkrieg. The Artistocrats.

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    Order of Battle : Burma Road. Order of Battle : Endsieg. PC, MAC. Order of Battle : Kriegsmarine. Order of Battle : Panzerkrieg. Order of Battle : Red Star.